"Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, who seek Him with their whole heart." —Psalm 119:2

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your word." —Psalm 199:9

"Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end." —Psalm 119:33

"My soul longs for Your salvation; I hope in Your word." —Psalm 119:81

"Forever, O Lord, Your word is firmly fixed in the heavens." —Psalm 119:89

"I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have given me life." —Psalm 119:93

"Oh how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day." —Psalm 119:97

"Through your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way." —Psalm 119:104

"The unfolding of Your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple." —Psalm 119:130

"The sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous rules endures forever." —Psalm 119:160

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." —Psalm 119:105

Sermon Audio Library

On this page, you will find copies of sermons and radio broadcasts (Searching the Scriptures).  If you are looking for particular sermon topic, press "Ctrl + F" to pull up the "Find" function of your browser and put in part of the title to search this list for what you're looking for.

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  Date Sermon Title Speaker
Play Button 2/11/18 PM Working in Hope Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 2/11/18 AM Entering Eternity Tristan Ganchero

Gospel Meeting with Phillip Shumake
"Lifelong Zeal: How to Build Lasting Passion for God"

Play Button 1/21/18 S Overcoming Burnout Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/21/18 S The Zeal of Moses Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/21/18 S Using & Igniting our Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/20/18 Sa Fueling our Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/20/18 Sa Preparing & Igniting our Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/19/18 F God's Vision for Christ-like Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/10/18 W Not Reveling Over Sin Sean Butler
Play Button 1/7/18 PM Contend for the Faith Larry McClenny
Play Button 1/7/18 AM Never Looking Back Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/31/17 PM Before Winter Comes (Sermon in Song) Jon Wilson
Play Button 12/31/17 AM Resolve Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/27/17 W The Proper Relationship with God Joel Avance
Play Button 12/24/17 PM "The message of the cross is foolishness to those..." Jerry Courtney
Play Button 12/24/17 AM Love Without Hypocrisy Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/20/17 W The Steps of Salvation Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/17/17 PM Death of a Church Scott Brown
Play Button 12/17/17 AM Do Not Grow Weary in Well Doing Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/13/17 W Spiritual Freedom Jim Beasley
Play Button 12/10/17 PM Character Makes a Difference Reggie McGowan
Play Button 12/10/17 AM Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/6/17 W Which Person Are You? Matt Strode
Play Button 12/3/17 PM Building Up New Testament Churches Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/3/17 AM Marriage and the Home Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/29/17 W Will You Ignore His Work? Reggie McGowan
Play Button 11/26/17 PM Sermon in Song: Life After Death Rob Shipley
Play Button 11/26/17 AM An Attitude of Gratitude Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/22/17 W The Brothers of Joseph Ricky Crochet
Play Button 11/19/17 AM On the Edge of Salvation Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/15/17 W The Kingdom Jon Wilson
Play Button 11/12/17 PM A Gift, an Arrow, an Olive Tree Scott Brown
Play Button 11/12/17 AM Right or Wrong? Reggie McGowan
Play Button 11/8/17 W What is Your Attitude? Blake Nelson
Play Button 11/5/17 PM This World is Not My Home Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/5/17 AM The Greatest of These is Love Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/1/17 W Immersion Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/29/17 PM Making Excuses Jerry Courtney
Play Button 10/29/17 AM Jesus, Lord and Savior Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/22/17 PM Liberty in Silence Reggie McGowan
Play Button 10/22/17 AM Taming the Tongue Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/18/17 W What's in a Name? Jeff Stewart
Play Button 10/15/17 PM Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Sean Butler
Play Button 10/15/17 AM The Brotherhood Scott Brown
Play Button 10/11/17 W The Conversion of Saul Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/8/17 PM The Coming of the Lord Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/8/17 AM Not Forsaking the Assembly Larry McClenny

Gospel Meeting with Chuck Durham
"An Active Faith"

Play Button 10/6/17 F Connecting the Next Generation (Psalm 78) Chuck Durham
Play Button 10/5/17 Th Solve Our Problems, But Save Our Pigs (Luke 8:26-39) Chuck Durham
Play Button 10/4/17 W I Choose to Love My Spouse Chuck Durham
Play Button 10/3/17 T The Gospel According to Manasseh Chuck Durham
Play Button 10/2/17 M Great is Your Faith! (Matthew 15:21-28) Chuck Durham
Play Button 10/1/17 AM God Whose Son Upon a Tree Chuck Durham
Play Button 9/27/17 W Obituaries Jeff Stewart
By Request
9/24/17 PM Sermon in Song: Defense Wins Championships Scott Brown
Play Button 9/24/17 AM What the Lord's Supper Means Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/20/17 W Christian Evidences Jonathan Lisenbe
Play Button 9/17/17 PM Beware of False Teachers (II Peter 2:12-22) Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/17/17 AM Staying Power Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/13/17 W Parable of the Sower Roy Martinez
Play Button 9/10/17 PM The Righteous Judgement of God (II Peter 2:1-11) Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/10/17 AM If You Do Well, Will You Not Be Accepted? Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/3/17 PM Fruitful Exhortations (II Peter 1:12-21) Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/3/17 AM Examining Ourselves Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/30/17 W Encouraging Yourself in the Lord Scott Brown
By Request
8/27/17 PM Sermon in Song: Spiritual Preventative Maintenance Clay Parker
Play Button 8/27/17 AM Remedies for Complacency Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/23/17 W II John 9-11 D.J. Williams
Play Button 8/20/17 PM Spiritual Maturity Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/20/17 AM Back to School Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/16/17 W Baptism Now Saves You Reggie McGowan
Play Button 8/13/17 PM The Question of Music in Worship Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/13/17 AM 12 Suggestions for Graduates Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/9/17 W The Conversion of Saul Rob Shipley
Play Button 8/6/17 PM The Church of Laodicea Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/6/17 AM Courage to Face the Fire Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/2/17 W Desiring God Joel Criswell
By Request
7/30/17 PM Sermon in Song: "It is What it is" Reggie McGowan
Play Button 7/30/17 AM What Are We Waiting For? Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/26/17 W The Good News David Criswell
Play Button 7/23/17 PM The Church of Philadelphia Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/23/17 AM What We Owe the Local Church Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/19/17 W The Christian Walk Clay Parker
Play Button 7/16/17 PM The Church of Sardis Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/16/17 AM Blessed are the Peacemakers Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/12/17 W Do Not Worry, Trust in The Lord, You Will Find Peace Sean Butler
Play Button 7/9/17 PM The Church of Thyatira Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/9/17 AM Individual Responsibility of Evangelism Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/5/17 W A Message to the Younger Generation Bobby Adams
By Request
7/2/17 PM Sermon in Song Roy Martinez
Play Button 7/2/17 AM Seek First the Kingdom of God Larry McClenny

Summer Bible Series with Jeff Smith

Play Button 6/29/17 Th Miracles of Jesus - Jesus' Resurrection Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/28/17 W Miracles of Jesus - Raising Dead Lazarus Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/27/17 T Miracles of Jesus - Enemy Endorsed Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/26/17 M Miracles of Jesus - Introduction Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/25/17 PM What Saves You? Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/25/17 AM Simon of Cyrene Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/25/17 C Views of Mark 16:16 Jeff Smith
Play Button 6/21/17 W Keep Letting Your Light Shine Jon Wilson
Play Button 6/18/17 PM Handling Your "Kirk" Jerry Courtney
Play Button 6/18/17 AM The Narrow Path Jeff O'Rear
Play Button 6/14/17 W Fulfillment in This Life Jay Dyson
Play Button 6/11/17 PM The Church of Pergamos Larry McClenny
Play Button 6/11/17 AM Are We Truly Converted? Larry McClenny
Play Button 6/7/17 W Jehoshaphat Matt Strode
Play Button 6/4/17 AM Being Evangelistic Reggie McGowan
Play Button 5/31/17 W Joash Ricky Crochet
Play Button 5/28/17 PM Sermon in Song: You Can't Retire the Lord's Work Sean Butler
Play Button 5/28/17 AM Christ Makes Life Worth Living Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/21/17 PM The Church of Smyrna Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/21/17 AM Introduction to Revelation Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/17/17 W The Big Picture Roy Martinez
Play Button 5/14/17 AM The Gospel of Christ Jerry Courtney
Play Button 5/10/17 W No Assurances in this Life Art Sharp
Play Button 5/7/17 PM The Church of Ephesus Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/7/17 AM Think on These Things Larry McClenny
By Request
4/30/17 PM Sermon in Song Matt Strode
Play Button 4/30/17 AM Faithfulness Larry McClenny

Gospel Meeting with Gary Henry

"Reaching Forward"

Play Button 4/28/17 F Pressing toward the Goal Gary Henry
Play Button 4/27/17 Th The Prize of the Upward Call of God in Christ Jesus Gary Henry
Play Button 4/26/17 W The Mind of the Mature Christian Gary Henry
Play Button 4/25/17 T Reaching Forward to What is Ahead Gary Henry
Play Button 4/24/17 M Forgetting What is Behind Gary Henry
Play Button 4/23/17 PM What Life in Christ is Primarily About Gary Henry
Play Button 4/23/17 AM Every Act Counts Gary Henry
Play Button 4/23/17 C Honesty With Ourselves Gary Henry
Play Button 4/19/17 W Our Home Joel Criswell
Play Button 4/16/17 PM What's Your Question: Having a Bad Day (Luke 9:36-59) Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/16/17 AM The Holy Spirit: Part IV Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/12/17 W Repentance Bobby Adams
Play Button 4/9/17 PM The Holy Spirit: Part III Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/9/17 AM The Holy Spirit: Part II Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/5/17 W Philippians 2:1-18 (Be Motivated by Christ) Cody Griffin
Play Button 4/2/17 PM Where is the Dead? Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/2/17 AM The Holy Spirit: Part I Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/29/17 W "When the Cat's Gone, the Rat Takes Charge" Reggie McGowan
By Request
3/26/17 PM Sermon in Song: Jesus Reigns in His Kingdom David Criswell
Play Button 3/26/17 AM Temptation: Part II Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/22/17 W Acts 2 Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/19/17 PM Humility Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/19/17 AM Temptation: Part I Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/15/17 W Call to Action Rob Shipley
Play Button 3/12/17 PM Servant Leadership in Suffering: Part II Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/12/17 AM Contentment Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/8/17 W What Bible Verse Best Describes Your Faith? Jerry Courtney
Play Button 3/5/17 PM Servant Leadership in Suffering: Part I Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/5/17 AM Promoting Unity: Part II Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/1/17 W The Ethiopian Church Larry McClenny